Every client and every project is unique so the goal is to provide the best creative solution for your project. Friendly, professional creative teamwork is stressed between all parties including owner, architect, engineers, contractors, suppliers and building officials.

Projects are developed through initial meetings where the scope of the project and services and fees required are discussed. Once that has been determined a standard OAA agreement can be prepared and the project can begin. Normally a retainer fee as outlined in the agreement is payable to the architect to get started. For projects where the architect is to see the project through from design through to the completion of construction, the full architectural service is used for project management. In this case the fee is based on a percentage of the construction cost (the total costs of labour and materials for the project). Consulting and partial project services are provided on an hourly per diem basis or set fee depending on the scope of work determined. Home inspections are normally done on a fixed fee appropriate to the size of the house. A typical project usually takes from a few months to 1-2 years to complete depending on the client’s scheduling requirements, the size and complexity of the project and the approval process required.


  • Initial meetings and assessment of conditions and requirements.
  • Measuring of existing building(s) and site, and photography survey for a renovation or addition.
  • Preparation of a programme or ‘wish list’.
  • Design studies including computer modelling and sketches along with design development, zoning approvals of project committee of adjustment, re-zoning, etc.
  • Budgeting and tendering of project with contractors.
  • Construction phase management including regular site visits, site instructions & revisions, change order preparation, warranty item review, and resolution of deficiencies at end of project